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Is it urgent for you to attract new patients and customers while maintaining a dialogue with your existing base? We have the answer – an educational, informative, and effective CALL TO ACTION.

You can have a professionally written column or blog published in your newspaper, on your newspaper’s website, on your website, or on Facebook every week of the year. To attract new patients and customers, it is imperative that you get noticed and set apart from your competition.  Syndicated Ad Features provides clients with eye-catching formats and compelling content that gets them remembered.  Our program makes our clients immediately recognizable in the eyes of the public and provides information that reinforces their expertise.

Each weekly column delivers a carefully researched article relating to our clients’ products or services. Over time, when the reader needs our clients’ goods or services, they know they can rely on the “expert” in their field with complete confidence.

Our advertising strategy has been proven to be effective. Contact us today to  begin building an effective, informative, educational, community marketing program for your business or practice.