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SYNDICATED AD FEATURES, INC., listed in Editor & Publisher Yearbook, has been incorporated since 1967, serving primarily service-oriented professional businesses throughout the United States. A specialized advertising agency, SYNDICATED AD FEATURES, INC. ghostwrites feature columns for businesses and medical professionals that appear under the client’s picture and by-line in his or her local newspaper, on their website, and posted in their social media, on an exclusive basis. The program consists of informative, fresh, never-before-published articles run as display ads. Each column, which could be called a “mini feature article,” covers a different aspect of the particular category, prepared in a manner that is not too technical and well within the easy understanding of the average newspaper reader. At the present time, SYNDICATED produces approximately 10 different categories of columns each week. These columns run approximately eight column inches, and are leased on a 52-week basis.

In addition to the “syndicated” material, our agency also writes a specifically designed, personalized closing paragraph that matches each syndicated column and is also different each week. This paragraph might include an explanation of the client’s specific services and areas of concentration, etc. A “tip” at the bottom of the column that relates to that week’s topic is also included and is an excellent “attention getter.” When added to the reader copy, it appears as though the entire article is written by the individual whose picture and by-line appears at the top of the column.

Columns from each series are leased exclusively to one client for appearance in the local newspaper’s circulation area, on your website or blog, included in each customer’s social media and are contracted for on a first come, first serve basis. A weekly column establishes one as an “EXPERT,” someone people will recognize and have confidence in. Readers will not only know who the client is, but they will REMEMBER the services offered. The client will benefit from having his or her name consistently repeated in front of the public in a prestigious manner. Because the message is educational, informative, and DIFFERENT EACH TIME, readers will appreciate and look for the column. Inquiries will increase, and more people will be attracted to the client’s office or place of business. The client will benefit, too, from the economy, flexibility, and convenience of this program. While columns are prewritten and mailed or emailed as much as four weeks prior to publication, the client retains FULL EDITORIAL CONTROL and can make changes and insert additional public relations messages as desired.