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These days, advertisers have many ways to get the word out. They can advertise on TV or radio, on the Internet, in the newspaper, or pay to have an airplane flown overhead that carries a banner with their names on it. Whichever way they choose to go, it must be credible in the public’s eyes. After all, anyone can get his or her voice heard on the Internet (yes, including us), but not everyone can back up what they have to say. That’s why professional journalists will give out only information that they can have confirmed by two or more credible sources. Otherwise, who is going to entirely believe what they have to say? Advertisers have to ask themselves how they are going to provide unique, relevant, and differentiated content that readers feel they can rely on. One answer is Syndicated Ad Features. We provide our clients with interesting and verifiable content that appears in their local newspaper, on their website, blog, and on Facebook, proven and responsible mediums. Content is king!

Your column in your local newspaper

  1. We use the “syndicated” material that we write each week that is specifically designed along with a personalized closing paragraph that matches each syndicated column and is also different each week.
  2. The unique closing paragraph can include the client’s specific services and areas of concentration, etc. A “tip” at the bottom of the column that relates to that week’s topic is also included and is an excellent “attention getter.”

Adding a digital banner to your newspaper’s website

  1. Syndicated will create a unique digital banner for your business to be placed on your newspaper’s website.
  2. The digital banner will automatically link to your business’ website where your exclusive column will be placed.
  3. Each time someone “clicks” on your digital banner, they will then be directed to your website which increases your online presence.

Adding your column to your website

  1. Syndicated will take your column, create a blog page or newsletter page on your website to accommodate the column along with an archive of your columns.
  2. We will incorporate your by-line and photo on the banner of the website page.
  3. An additional feature we can provide is a unique image to go with each posting.

Advertising and/or posting on a Facebook Business page

  1. We can post your columns on a Facebook Page that we will set up for your business…
  2. Additionally, we can take those “columns” and set up advertising boosts, within your budget constraints, for your business selecting the correct demographics.

Google Analytics and AdWords

  1. We will set up in-depth Google Analytics for your website providing you with detailed weekly reports
  2. Additionally, create ads using Google AdWords and a budget that you set, we will promote your website and business using specific demographics and key words

Twitter & Instagram

  1. Creating feeds using your column content and redirecting potential customers to your business website.